Page Trade

Page Trade


Webwobot PageTrade is a new service developed primarily as a way topromote relevant linkingbetween websites by trading web pages between sites where your links would be on pages similar to your own website’s content. The system may be used to help youfind and broker:
* Regularlink trades
* One-on-oneBanner trades. (Straight private banner swap. We don’t tax your impressions)
*Article exchange.

Any other combination of your choice(eg if you wanted to publish a good article on somebody’s site linking back to you, and they wanted you to link to them or put up their banner/text ad in exchange, whatever the two of you agree to is your business.)

For an interesting and in-depth article on PageTrade from an SEO perspective, consult thisindependent PageTrade Article on Ezinearticles.

Benefits of exchanging pages:

* Gainrelevant inbound linksto your site.
* Gainfresh contentfor your sitewhile promoting your own contenton partner sites.

Benefits of using our system:

* Find trade partnersthat meet your criteria.
* Using our systemsaves emailingback & forth, andsteamlines the trade processmethodically.
* Our system serves towitness your trade agreementsreached.
* We publish nothing on your sites, and we don’t “tax” your impressions with some ratio – your trades are osne-on-one, privately negotiated between you and your trade partner.

Our easy-to-useWebWobot PMS(PageTrade Management System) will help you find PageTrade partners and help to broker all your trades. You have complete control over your trades, and can pick and choose sites with which you wish to trade, or decline offers you don’t want. You have the opportunity always to first inspect the trade you are offered, and may opt out of any you don’t like the looks of, or renegotiate with your trade partner at any time before you accept.

Register your PageTrade accountfree now and give it a try! It costs you nothing to use our system.