Intelligent vacuum drainage solution for urban comprehensive pipe gallery

Urban comprehensive pipe gallery is a kind of modern, scientific and intensive urban infrastructure formed by centralizing more than two kinds of pipelines, such as power, communication, water supply, hot water, refrigeration, reclaimed water, gas, garbage vacuum pipes, to the same underground space below the road. It solves the "zipper road" and air caused by the maintenance and expansion of various pipelines in the process of urban development The problem of "spider web" has played a positive role in promoting the overall image of the city and creating a harmonious ecological environment.

The construction of comprehensive pipe gallery has become the focus of urban modernization construction in the 21st century and one of the symbols to measure the level of urban modernization.

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In general, the urban comprehensive pipe gallery is provided with several storehouses, among which the power storehouse and the comprehensive storehouse are provided with structural seepage and pipe dew, and drainage ditch and sump are generally provided in the cabin. The accumulated water in the sump is drained by the submersible pump. There are many drainage points, difficult connection of waste water pipes, inconvenient maintenance and other problems.

According to the drainage characteristics of urban comprehensive pipe gallery, a new solution is provided for the development of intelligent central vacuum drainage system in Juchuan.

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Advantages of intelligent central vacuum drainage system:

  • There is only one discharge pipe connecting with the municipal government, reducing 90% of the communication and coordination workload with the municipal government

  • Each drainage point is connected to the network through the negative pressure pipeline, which is easy to expand, and even the manual water suction gun can be added anytime and anywhere to eliminate local leakage

  • There is only one distribution point (at the drainage unit)

  • Due to the negative pressure suction, the floating objects can be completely sucked and discharged

  • Each drainage point is networked through 485 communication interface, and the Internet of things technology is simple and reliable

  • The maintenance is convenient. There are only pipes and valves in each drainage point, and only pumps in the drainage unit

  • Vacuum adsorption, small pipe diameter, easy construction, flexible installation, and environmentally friendly

  • The depth of the end sump is only about 0.35m, which is convenient for construction and does not need special foundation pit treatment, thus greatly reducing the cost of foundation pit support.

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