Negative pressure collection and treatment system of commercial kitchen waste and waste water

In general, the garbage of commercial catering kitchen is collected and cleaned manually. The garbage is discarded at will after mixing. The opening and manual clearing of garbage can cause secondary pollution and reduce the quality of people's healthy life. And the kitchen waste negative pressure garbage collection and treatment system can solve the problem of bad collection and treatment of kitchen waste, and clean the surrounding air, environment, green and environmental protection.

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Insufficient collection of traditional kitchen waste

After the traditional kitchen waste is crushed by the garbage crusher, it directly depends on the gravity flow to drain the sewage pipe network.

However, due to the large amount of crushed materials and the poor fluidity of the mixed liquid, impurities precipitate and often cause the blockage of the gravity pipeline.

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Principle and composition of negative pressure collection and treatment

The negative pressure blowdown system is formed by the negative pressure pump in the closed blowdown pipe network, which is controlled by the negative pressure valve in each collection point, uses the differential pressure generated by the vacuum negative pressure to realize the sewage flow to the sewage tank, and finally to the municipal sewage pipe network or treatment equipment, which belongs to the pressure flow blowdown system.

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Negative pressure collection and treatment - Advantages

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